Alex Teo

Head of People-Ops & Customer Experience
Culture & Diversity: "When Culture Doesn't Just Eat Strategy For Breakfast"

Having scaled across six countries in less than three years, ShopBack has seen its fair share of humps and bumps on the road to growth. It has now become a regional platform that works with over 1,300 ecommerce stores and powers over 1,000 orders every hour.

Operating in a fragmented South-East Asian landscape, ShopBack recognises that diversity of its team members can become a core strength. Hence, ShopBack ensures a physical presence in each market - all driven by locally-based talent.

In this session, Alex will share:

  • ShopBack’s thinking behind regional expansion
  • How to manage the tension between a strong company culture & local identity
  • Leveraging technology to drive efficiency & engagement
  • Key learnings – what worked for ShopBack and what didn’t