Alexis Saussinan

Global Head Organisation Development & People Analytics
Merck Group
Combining People Analytics and Organization Development to Deliver Differentiated Business Outcomes

As companies get caught in the wave of digitalisation, the integration of big data and analytics is vital. With the revolution of industry 4.0, organisations get increased accessibility a wealth of materials with little clarity on its utilisation.

Hear from Merck Group – one of the pioneers in Digital HR – on how they are tackling the transformation with people analytics to make informed business decisions for the organisation as a whole.

Join Alexis for this session as he unveils:

  • A walk through case study of Merck Group’s people analytics and organisation development journey and their practical learnings
  • Learnings about Merck’s transformation, making data and insights the core of their business and scientific decisions
  • The next steps – Merck’s people analytics roadmap