Bryden Toh

Vice President, Human Resources
Breadtalk Group
Championing Seamless HR Alignment Across the Region

With popular dining brands, now including Ding Tai Fung, Food Republic, Toast Box and Carl’s Jr, BreadTalk Group opened its first outlet in Singapore about 18 years ago.

Over the years, their HR department has of course played a crucial role in the business’ expansion, overseeing some 7,000 employees working in almost 1,000 outlets across 17 countries.

While the group's old growth formula allowed it to expand rapidly into new territories, this acceleration of events also led to various distinct HR practices across different countries and overall misalignment between markets.

Having witnessed first-hand the challenges, as well as opportunities, that such a quick expansion entails, Bryden Toh, is well versed with the fact that every country is unique and will always aim to champion its own culture, different labour laws and employments practices.

Join his session to understand how you can:

  • Align your HR practices across all your regional offices
  • Understand and embrace the behavioural shifts that underpin this process
  • Support strong employee engagement and empowerment practices to create harmonious, inclusive and resilient workplaces throughout the region