Chee Nian Tze

Group Human Resource Director
Al-Futtaim Retail Asia (Former Robinsons)
Future-Proof your Talent

Rapid technological advances are affecting everything, including talent management. As businesses transform to enable digital implementation, with talent now available on demand and contingent workforce trends on the rise, we no longer talk so much about the 'war for talent', but how to best manage and develop the current talent available.

Talent management strategies conceived over the last ten years are slowly losing their relevance and becoming obsolete. It is now time for a fundamentally new approach that takes into account the great uncertainty businesses are facing today.

New tools and solutions in the market are thankfully enabling talent management to be easier and more efficient. However, in turn, new norms of a modern talent management strategy are slowly appearing and adding more complexity to the situation.

With regional experience in multi-industries such as hospitality, retail, join Nian Tze as she shares:

  • The common Talent Management challenges organisations are facing today
  • How to modify or change your current Talent Management Framework to create a more agile workforce
  • Ways you can manage, cultivate and develop your employees into the ‘Talent of Tomorrow’