Donna Hanson

Technology & Productivity Strategist
What Every Professional NEEDS TO KNOW about Word & Excel to Save Time, Stress and Frustration

Want to be more productive in your day to day?

In this short presentation, expert in productivity with technology, Donna Hanson will share a range of tips, tricks and shortcuts in Microsoft Word & Excel to get more done in less time with programs you are already using.

A former Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of a national company, Donna knows what’s needed in the real world to get more done in less time.
She is one of the few productivity speakers who focus on technology. She believes that technology is not the solution to getting more things done. It is also not about hiring more staff or having more gadgets, it is simply implementing a better strategy for the use of technology.
Donna challenges and inspires companies to change the way they view and use their everyday technology to increase productivity, performance and profits whilst reducing stress, risk and time.

She is one of only five people outside the US accredited to deliver an email productivity program to Microsoft staff.
Working with companies such as Village Roadshow, Specsavers, BMW Group Australia and CPA Australia, as well as many state and local government departments, Donna and her team have built an enviable reputation for transforming technology-related issues into solutions that deliver bottom line growth.

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