Dr. Julian Hosp

Co-founder & President
Recruiting Top Talent for Rapidly Growing Startups

Talent is the most decisive asset of a company, regardless of the industry and market it operates in. HR Managers at rapidly growing startups not only need top talent, but they need it quickly. Recruiting a lot of people in a short timeframe can only be made possible by instilling a creative and efficient recruitment process. By finding the right strategy, TenX, a Singapore-based blockchain leader, was able to grow from 8 employees to 40 in just a few months, without relaxing its hiring standards.

Join Dr. Julian Hosp as he shares his competitive approach to successfully recruiting top talent, right alongside the big players. You will learn:

  • How to identify and tap into the best talent pools
  • The trade-offs in tapping into global talent pools vs local talent pools, where recruiting and integration may be easier
  • The right weight to put on relevant experience vs. cultural fit