Elaine Zhou

International Leadership Speaker & Coach
Communication That Inspires

Are you struggling to get your team or your organisation motivated or to buy into your vision?
As a leader, the ultimate communication skill is to inspire others.

In this session, Elaine will highlight the 4 questions of inspiration and the 3 C’s of feeling to get your team or organisation motivated and working towards a common goal. Learn how anyone can use inspirational communication - regardless of your natural talent!



Elaine is an entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach and has been professionally trained ethically and morally by world-class mentors, like John Maxwell and Wayne Dyer.

Her mission is to use leadership to add value to people, to empower entrepreneurs to be effective leaders and to make the world that we live in a better place.


Elaine began her career in the corporate world as a Human Resources Assistant. She quickly rose through the ranks into senior management, whilst developing her passion for leadership.

She has helped hundreds of her clients, both publicly and privately to gain crystal clear clarity and direction in their lives and take inspired action to help them to live a fulfilling and purposeful life, financially, spiritually and mentally.

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