Gil Petersil

Communication & Strategic Networking Expert and People Accelerator
Secret Life Hacks From the Most Well Connected People in the World

In the 21st century, it’s not enough to stay connected. It is more important to be WELL connected.

Gil Petersil will outline how you can:
-Expand your network and make more connections
-Turn connections into valuable relationships
-Benefit from having over 5,000 friends on social networks
-Monetize on your connections

Gil is a communication and strategic networking expert with over 15 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and a business coach for 200+ companies spanning across diverse business industries.

After living, studying and working in Israel, Canada, England and Russia, Gil uses his broad knowledge in effective communication, customer engagement, marketing mindset and business experience to enable people and consequently organisations flourish through the mastery of strategic networking.

Known as the Networking Guru, Gil also has a deep passion for Education and a vision to disrupt the global school systems, through Edutainent & Gamification methodologies. He enjoys working with universities and high schools to increase awareness about entrepreneurship and developing mindset without limiting beliefs.

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