Gilly Chater

Leadership Expert
Effortless Leadership – Cool, Calm and Creative

Have you ever wondered how your leadership skills are perceived by others? Or have you seen others leading with ease and hoped you look the same?
Being Cool, Calm and Creative are 3 essential ingredients for every kind of organisation’s success.
Cool - being relaxed, yet focused and present, Calm  - being able to handle all situations, and Creative - being able to come up with new solutions and revolutionary ideas. It all starts with self- leadership before leading others. Join Gilly to understand how you can lead effortlessly and therefore have a happier and more productive life at work and home.


Gilly is a facilitator of change with a focus on leaders achieving "Effortless Leadership".  With over twenty-five years of global experience in leadership development, since the mid 1990's she has specialised in working with leaders to achieve transformational change for them and their organisations.

Effortless Leadership helps people lead from a cool, calm and creative place whatever the circumstances. Speaking and coaching internationally, Gilly has lived and worked in Asia for seven years and now resides in New Zealand.

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