Graeme Cowan

Leading Authority on Leadership Resilience & Author
Developing a Mentally Resilient Work Culture

How can you build a future-ready workforce? How can you form teams that respond faster and better to change? How can you create more optimistic and resourceful employees?

The digital age is driving considerable change as organisations struggle to be more customer-centric. According to a Gallup survey, this relentless drive to “do more with less” is contributing to 87% of employees being disengaged at work. Employees complain of not getting enough quality sleep (61%), exercise (59%), and financial stress (41%).
Mental resilience should therefore now be on every team leader’s agenda.

Through tangible case studies, Graeme Cowan, Leadership Resilience expert, will:

  • Showcase how to build influence and momentum to secure C-suite commitment
  • Outline the 3 critical success factors for creating a mentally resilient culture plan