Graeme Cowan

Leading Authority on Leadership Resilience & Author
Develop Your Leadership Resilience

In today's volatile and uncertain workplaces, many employees are experiencing disengagement, ‘change fatigue’ and burnout.

With 1 in 5 employees taking ‘days off’ due to being overworked and stressed, this workplace epidemic has proved to be the highest cause of lost productivity through absenteeism and presenteeism. Indeed, innovation powerhouses such as Google have also found that the number 1 predictor of their best teams was ‘psychological safety’.

Leaders are the ones that can create behaviours, support and resources that product a mentally healthy organisation. As such, they need to learn how to create rituals that will build their, and their teams’, resilience, mood and performance to bring their best selves to work, every day.

Learn how you can be a resilient leader with a team that outperforms, outlasts, and outmanoeuvres others by joining Graeme Cowan in this insightful session as he outlines:

  • The 3 things a leader needs to be more resourceful, energetic and optimistic
  • How to create rituals for a psychologically safe and supportive team culture that fosters fast learning and mental agility
  • How you can stay fresh, find focus and manage day to day distractions