Jacky Tan

Marketing Author, Speaker & Blogger
3 Effective Ways to Increase Your Global Industry Value (aka Your PAYCHECK) Within a Year!

Singapore, an economic driven country which largely depends on human resources, now faces more competition worldwide. Today, it is more than just getting a degree to stand out in a competitive industry. We need the ability to increase our global industry value. So, how can we do that as individuals?

In this 20 minutes’ speech, Jacky will discuss how you can market or brand yourself effectively as not just the expert in your company, but also in the global industry.

Whichever profession you are in right now, you can also become an global industry expert if you follow these 3 effective points closely. By becoming an industry expert, your marketability in the local and global job market will rise, more companies will want to hire you, and on top of that, you can also demand a higher paycheck.


Jacky Tan is a professional writer, speaker and blogger who teaches about modern marketing and social media branding skills. His articles have been published into various renowned business media and magazines such as The Singapore Marketer, PR Daily, Huffington Post, Channel News Asia, Singapore Business Review and many more. He blogs and was named one of the top 12 influential professionals in Singapore by the Singapore Business Review and was also named as one of the "6 Social Media Experts to follow in Asia" by online marketing magazine, the Marketing Scope.

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