Jasmine Huang

HR & Operations Manager
Unconventional Practices Through Agile HR For Business Success

Titansoft started its Agile transformation back in 2014 and with the adoption of an agile framework across all work processes. Naturally affecting the organisation on various levels, the HR function was also heavily disrupted but ready for this much needed refresh.

Numerous HR policy and procedure changes were required to support the Agile environment, thus triggering changes to, as well as the introduction of, non-conventional HR practices  - such as no minimum working hours, removal of performance reviews, self- organising teams and self-promotion practices.

Join Jasmine to hear a fresh perspective on the application of Agile HR and factual data to support this as she takes us through:

  • Ideas of non-conventional Agile HR practices that positively impact employee retention
  • The creation and implementation of a safe and engaging work culture for Gen Y/Millennials
  • Lessons learned from this transformational journey – what worked and what didn’t