John Garrido

Regional Director Asia
Virgin Pulse
What the World’s Leading Organisations and ‘Great Places to Work’ Do Differently When it Comes to Workplace Wellness Wellbeing

There is a fundamental shift in the understanding of wellness programs, from an optional, nice-to-have offering, to a mandatory, mission-critical business investment. Organisations that put employee health and wellbeing at the core of their workplace cultures will continue to enjoy a significant competitive advantage in terms of higher employee engagement and increased productivity. Delegates will learn the important differences between wellness and wellbeing, and how investing strategically in a culture of wellbeing produces greater outcomes that measurably impact business performance.

John Garrido is the Regional director for Virgin Pulse. John and his team work with organisations across Asia helping thousands of employees thrive at work and in all aspects of life. Virgin Pulse is helping change lives and businesses for good, providing organisations with industry leading wellbeing solutions that are appropriate for them today and into the future.

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