Jordan Pettman

Global Head People Data, Analytics and Planning
Nestle (Switzerland)
Global People Analytics @ Nestlé

Headquartered in Switzerland, Nestlé is the largest food company in the world, boasting over 335,000 employees. People Analytics is therefore a very critical enabler for the large and complex business to deliver HR processes and services, and to facilitate better people related decisions and strategies, globally. 

Starting their HR Analytics journey in 2015, the HR team at Nestlé has come a long way in understanding the talent drivers and patterns of behavior, as well as the ability to statistically link their HR strategies to overall business outcomes.

Based in Switzerland, Jordan Pettman joined the organisation in 2016. His team serves as the centre of a globally networked structure, designed to support Nestlé’s diverse geographical landscape, and has launched a global reporting platform through standardising core HR measures and building a self-service reporting culture within their HR population, as well as introducing several analytical tools.

Jordan’s team has now deployed several different predictive attrition models, including the survival analysis model - taking into account not just likelihood of leaving, but an employee’s propensity to leave at a given time, depending on a certain set of life events.

Join Jordan, Nestlé’s Global Head of People Data, Analytics and Planning to understand how to democratize access, capability to understand and use people analytics in order to support decision making across a global organisation, as we take a deep dive to discover:

  • The focus(es) of the People Analytics Function at Nestlé.
  • The decision making supported in the business through access to and better understanding of people analytics solutions.