Lawrence Chan

Senior Manager, Learning & Development
NTUC Income
Design Thinking for Improved Candidate and Employee Experience

A digital revolution is currently taking place, and HR is smack in the middle of it!

Today, candidates as well as employees demand more customer-focused touch points and prefer to transact digitally. How can we therefore improve the overall candidate and employee experience throughout the business?

Design Thinking, once predominantly used in redesigning existing work processes, can be used to redesign the on-boarding process in order to mould a new recruit into a productive employee within their first 90 days. See the world through a potential job candidate's eyes and see your organisation through your new employee's eyes.

Learn how to map out a user experience design (UxD) for your target profile and identify customer touch points to come up with various ways to enhance the existing on-boarding experience. Lawrence Chan will take you on a journey to help your employees better assimilate to your organisation culture, and improve your overall employee experience and engagement with the organisation. Through this session you will:

  • Understand Design Thinking
  • Recognise the role of extreme users
  • Empathise by seeing the world through your employee's eyes
  • Map out a User Experience Design (UxD)
  • Grasp ideation techniques