Mike Bokina

Vice President & Global Head, HR Organisational Effectiveness
Siemens HR Transformation: An Agile Operating Model to Match the Evolving Business Landscape

With nearly 350,000 global employees and an HR function nearing 6,000 people, Siemens HR Transformation isn’t happening overnight. Recognising the VUCA world we live in, Siemens and its businesses are evolving with a focus on growth through automation and digitalisation. Leading the global transformation, Mike will share Siemens’ HR Transformation journey including the need for greater agility and key strategic initiatives.

Join Mike Bokina as he takes us on a deep dive into how his team at Siemens is reshaping their HR model through recognising and addressing economic and workplace megatrends such as the Gig Economy, the Future of Work and significant business disruptions in the form of mergers, acquisitions, portfolio shifts as well as today’s new and evolving competitor landscape.