Ong Chuon Yan

Associate – HR Business Partner (Public Markets) & Graduate Recruitment
Accelerate Your Personal Growth With a Holistic Feedback System

As digital natives, millennials are an ‘always on’ generation constantly looking for ways to do more and make an impact at work, in the shortest time possible. Aside from learning and development, professional advancement through continuous feedback from managers and mentors is a very efficient way of being consistently aligned to your goals of self-improvement.

Hear how you can grow and develop professionally through constructive feedback and gain the soft skills you need to win at work. In this informative session, Chuon Yan, former President of SMU’s OBHR Society will share:

  • The importance of receiving feedback, in whatever form it may be
  • Tips on gathering feedback from multiple channels – both within and beyond the organization
  • How to effectively make the most of the feedback given