Philip Merry

Self-Leadership Expert & Author
Lead With Your Heart – The New Paradigm for Volatile Times

Now we are often told to “develop your human side”, but we are not often told why, or how.
The pace of change in 21st century organisations is faster than ever before, but leaders are still using logical, linear mindsets meant for the slower paced 20th century. There has never been more need for a “human side” that is not about sentiment but a driver of business success. There has never been a better time to: “Lead with your Heart”.

Latest research shows that the heart is a powerful tool that drives clearer and more effective decision making by ensuring that your intuition partners with your logic; and your heart partners with your head. Thinkers across various disciplines - quantum physics, biology, and psychology – suggest that the skill of “intuiting the future”, or connecting with our own internal “sense making mechanism” can provide answers to some of our most puzzling business problems. In this unique session Philip Merry will share his 2016 PHD research findings on how you can take advantage of “Synchronicity and Heart” – skills that boost success from the inside–out – to build more successful teams and organisations and live a more satisfying and successful career and life.

In this short session, you will learn to:

  1. Boost your “human factor” ability to build business and leadership success
  2. Understand the latest research on“Lead with your Heart” and executive performance
  3. Use Heart AND Head for decision making to navigate today’s global world
  4. Apply the 7 CLASSIC Heart qualities that can drive your HR strategy in a quantum age

Philip Merry has conducted leadership and team projects with global organisations for 37 years in 59 countries, boosting mindsets  that  grow  inter-cultural  co-operation  and  optimise  personal  excellence. A former Director of Reuters’ Asian Leadership Development Division, Senior facilitator with United Nations and Duke Corporate Education, Regional Representative: Belbin Team Roles, Roffey Park Fellow, Marshall Goldsmith Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Certified, HeartMath certified, Author of The Search for Singapore's Happiest People, Philip was once a London taxi driver.

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