Poh Yu Khing

Chief Learning Architect & Chief Marketing Officer
Future of Work, Skills & Learning

The world is changing faster than ever and industries are being disrupted by new technologies and changing business models every day. 
But while some industries and jobs are being replaced by AI, fear not, robots will never fully replace humans! 
Join Organisation Strategist, Poh Yu Khing, as he gives us a sneak peek into the mega-shifts in the 4th industrial revolution and the Future of Jobs Report by World Economic Forum. Learn about some key distinguishing factors for humans to survive the automation take over and the mindset we need to develop for the future of work, skills, and learning.

Yu Khing is the Chief Learning Architect and Chief Marketing Officer at ROHEI. As Chief Learning Architect, he oversees the areas of new product development, driving the internal learning culture at ROHEI, and helping external clients develop and build their learning culture, systems and processes. In his Marketing role, he oversees the Branding, Marketing and Creative Communications team at ROHEI consisting of designers, marketing communications and video production specialists.

Yu Khing brings with him immense experience in strategic planning, marketing, project management and execution. Prior to joining ROHEI, he played a key role in the Singapore Sports Hub project company from 2011-2015, helping to oversee the development and delivery of the project. In 2001, he was part of the government team that wrote the recommendation to tear down the old National Stadium and develop a new Sports Hub. He took over as Sports Hub Project Director for the Government team from 2008-2011, leading the project through to Financial Close amidst the global financial crisis.

Earlier in his career, Yu Khing also helped set-up the Singapore Sports School under MCYS (The Ministries of Community Development, Youth and Sports, and started the Sports Facilities Master planning Department in SSC (Singapore Sports Council). He was part of the Singapore bid team that successfully secured the hosting of the 2010 Youth Olympic Games.

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