Rita Trehan

Business Transformation & Capacity Building Expert
It’s All About Culture – Why We Need to Talk About It & How to Measure It

While technology has enabled competitors to copy successful products and strategies quickly, an organisation’s culture is the hardest thing to replicate. With top companies like Google, Airbnb and Zappos attributing their business success to corporate culture, a winning culture has never been more important than it is today. It is the heart of an organisation’s competitive advantage and influences how employees behave and work.

Despite this knowledge and efforts in strengthening company culture, studies have shown that over 80% of employees are disengaged at work. As the modern workplace continues to evolve, HR must do more than simply conduct engagement surveys. It is time for HR to step up and start thinking and acting like business owners.

It is undeniable that culture is critical to the success of any company and it is so much more with a more robust set of data points than just “How satisfied are you with your job?”.

Discover a new innovative way to get to the heart of engagement as Rita Trehan uncovers a set of practical tools to shape the corporate agenda, as well as provide deep and rich insights into what people truly think and what can ultimately drive performance within the company.

As a global business transformation and capacity-building expert, Rita Trehan strongly believes that HR should be a business rather than just a function. In any business, no matter the sector, HR can be transformed into the main driver of capacity. Rita is passionate about pushing HR into the spotlight and tackling the changes that HR must make to meet the business challenges of the 21st Century.

A former senior executive and CHRO, Rita has more than 30 years of progressive career experience.
Known for her operational efficiency, best-in-class process delivery, record profit and market expansion, and technological innovation, Rita has worked with leading companies and helped them rethink their approach to HR. Her initiatives have transformed organsations’ HR functions from standalone departments into value-driven parts of the company, integrated into every area of the business, and every decision made.

As an author, Rita contributes regularly to the Washington Post and numerous journals including Forbes magazine. Her latest book, Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resource, lays out the fundamental disconnects that frequently occur between the CEO’s vision and an organizations’ capacity to deliver and introduces her proprietary approach to closing the gap.

Rita has won several accolades for her achievements in HR and business transformation. She was ranked among the Top 100 HR Officers by ExecRank in 2012. In addition, she was the ‘Stevie’ Silver Award Winner in 2015 for best international start-up of the year, as well as two ‘Stevie’ Bronze Women in Business Awards 2015, for Most Innovative Business and Best Start-up of the Year.

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