Taek Lee

Head of Consulting Group, ASEAN
How Millennials are Reshaping the Future of Work

Millennials are profoundly different. They are altering the very social fabric of the world by disrupting the retail, hospitality, real estate and housing, transportation, entertainment and travel industries - and they will soon also radically change higher education.
As the number of millennial workers increase each year, find out how organisations are adapting to the changing demographics and the future workforce needs.  

Taek Lee heads the Consulting Group for Southeast Asia and oversees enterprise business development for APAC. Mr. Lee serves as a key strategic adviser to senior executives and leaders across numerous industries in Asia. His expertise includes developing and integrating a platform for employee selection, employee engagement, manager and leader development, succession planning and customer engagement to drive key performance outcomes.

Mr. Lee’s consulting specialisations include implementing a short-cycle management system, which enables managers to develop their staff, optimise the customer experience and capitalise on sales opportunities through positive coaching models. In the past several years, he has worked with organisations throughout Asia to apply the principles of the short-cycle management system. Mr. Lee’s other recent projects include developing long-term differentiation strategies to help smaller regional banks attain their goals of becoming top national banks. 

Before joining Gallup, Mr. Lee worked for a major U.S. bank. He served the company in many roles, from teller and branch operations functions to premier banker and investment banker.

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