Varun Bhatia

Chief People & Culture Officer
AirAsia Group
Redefining the Employee Experience in the Digital Age - High Touch, High Tech

With the acceleration of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the integration of chat bots, on-demand workforces, AI, algorithms, virtual and dispersed workforces – how can you really create an effective, meaningful and lasting employee experience?

How can you build real “engagement” with an ‘always-on’, short attention-spanned millennial workforce, who prefer to work on their passions rather than being bound by organisational boundaries and responsibilities?

The focus of the People & Culture Team at AirAsia, the World’s Best Low Cost Airline, is to build productivity while enhancing engagement, through the use of state-of-the-art technology and conventional personalised employee experiences.

Hear first-hand how Varun Bhatia, Chief People & Culture Officer at AirAsia and his team leverage technology in a highly proficient and effective way, to create an extremely efficient ‘high touch-high tech’ work environment so that #everyonecanfly!